Apple’s bug lets malware enter the system, now resolved.

The malware attack has recently become more common in the digital environment and a case has also been reported for Apple. As per the details, Apple passed the malware through the process called “notarisation” and once passed through it, Mac’s Gatekeeper allowed it to run on the system. Although the malware has been fixed, it sounds dangerous to know that it even passed from the inbuilt security on Apple devices. The malware was disguised as an update for Adobe Flash Player and slipped through the toughest screen software of Apple.

The Mac security researchers Peter Dantini and Patrick Wardle found a common malware campaign disguised as an Adobe Flash installer. Apple approved the Slayer malware disguised as Adobe Flash installer. As per the experts, this is one of the most common malware on Mac, which had been prevalent in 2019. However, it does bring to notice the fact that Apple was unable to detect the malicious code when it was submitted. Apple’s Spokesperson said that these types of malicious codes and software keep on changing from time to time and the Apple Notarization process helps to remove them or prevent them from entering the system.

However, in such cases, notarization is used to inform the Apple experts about the malware immediately. After discovering it, multiple variants of such malware were detected and removed as soon as possible. It has been confirmed that it will not be a security concern for Mac users anymore. However, Apple would now be more careful about different kinds of malware after such issues.

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