The Entropy Centre is chock full of puzzles

The Entropy Centre is more than its brain teasers, and it’s that “more” where the game hits its stumbling blocks

This sci-fi game unfolds in an abandoned brutalist facility where you solve puzzles color coded primarily with orange and blue

Aria awakens in an abandoned moon facility called The Entropy Centre, left alone to discover that the Earth will experience a cataclysmic event any minute.

she must solve puzzles with her A.I.-powered gun, Astra, to charge the station with entropy so that its time-reversing device can stop Earth

if we, the human race, don’t get our act together, our world will die

The game’s dozens of puzzles all revolve around special cubes. You place these cubes on pads to power up elevators or open gates.

The cubes alone won’t reveal your solution, though – you need Astra. This gun can turn back time on an individual object by 38.1 seconds