A new 5 Million Sq Ft. EV Manufacturing Plant in Texas will be built by Tesla

Tesla has been trying to expand its production ever since its demand for electric cars has increased many folds. Due to this, Tesla is now increasing its supply solution by opening massive plants to manufacture these cars and parts. In this, the company has confirmed that it will be opening another manufacturing plant in Texas, which is  5 million sq. Ft in the area. The announcement came from CEO Elon Musk at the recent second-quarter earnings meeting.

Elon Musk confirmed that a $65 million tax rebate deal by Travis County and a district school led to selecting Austin, Texas, as the final destination for setting up their plant. Elon Musk seemed excited about the decision and said, “It’s going to be right near Austin, five minutes from Austin International Airport and about 15 minutes from downtown Austin.” It is expected that the manufacturing plant will be used specifically for the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck, the Semi Truck, the popular Tesla Model 3, and even the Model Y. The best part about the deal is the employment opportunities that the plant will generate.

It is estimated that it will generate at least 5000 low skill jobs with at least $15 hourly wage for an employee. The CEO confirmed that after the plant has been constructed, it will be open to the public for various recreational opportunities as the land, according to Elon, is an “ecological paradise“. The plant is based on a location that is very close to the airport. Therefore, it will provide better transportation access to the company as well.

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