Adding a Pop of Color: The Lost Opportunity of Apple’s Colored MagSafe Chargers

The process of developing a new product is a comprehensive endeavor that necessitates thorough groundwork. Consequently, tech giants invest billions of dollars into their Research and Development departments each year. Although these investments generally yield fruitful outcomes, there are instances where products, despite extensive efforts, never progress beyond the prototype stage. Case in point: In 2020, Apple created prototypes of MagSafe chargers in a range of captivating colors, including Starlight, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue, and RED. Regrettably, none of these chargers made their way into the hands of the public.

Kosutami, an ardent collector of Apple prototypes and rare Apple paraphernalia, recently acquired a MagSafe charger in the distinctive Starlight hue. Sharing their insights on the matter, they remarked, “I’ve recently stumbled upon some prototypes and new information. It appears that the MagSafe chargers were originally planned to be available in various colors, much like the vibrant MagSafe MacBook charging cables, but with a more saturated palette. I even had the opportunity to test it out with the unreleased Magic Charger.

The rationale behind Apple’s decision to abandon the colored MagSafe chargers remains a mystery. It is plausible that the company deemed the colors incongruous with its overarching design aesthetic. Another possibility is that the manufacturing costs associated with the colored chargers proved exorbitant. Whatever the underlying cause, Apple’s choice not to release the colored MagSafe chargers has left numerous enthusiasts disappointed. These chargers would have provided an avenue to introduce a splash of color to Apple’s otherwise monochromatic lineup of accessories.

However, all is not lost for those yearning for a vibrant MagSafe charging experience. Third-party manufacturers have stepped up, introducing their versions of the chargers in various colors. Not only are these chargers often more budget-friendly than Apple’s offerings, but they also deliver comparable performance levels.

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