Almost 70% of internet users in Assam have reported cyber attacks.

When it comes to using the internet, cyberattacks on the user’s details happen regularly, especially the last few years have seen a substantial increase in cyberattacks. A recent study by the Assam Police in Indian has found out that most of the internet users in the state have suffered from a Cyberattack and hacking attempt. Also, it was found out that people in Assam have a high level of awareness when it comes to cybercrime. More than 62% of the internet users have reported a cybercrime and 585 out of them have informed the dedicated cyber crime police stations for the same. 

When it came to the reasons as to why the cybercrimes as happening and what is the major reason behind it, It was found that 58% of the users were having a habit of saving their credentials on the system and were not aware that not saving the details and enabling the two-step verification process can prevent cybercrimes. Also, many users did acknowledge the fact that they clicked on a random popup window that appears on the internet, after which the issue came into existence. Most of the users were using public WiFi which was not password protected. 

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Some of the most common details that were attacked in the cyber crimes include the details from Facebook, WhatsApp, and emails. Many users also faced cyber-attacks through spam messages and messages on the social networking website. It definitely shows how normal internet users are the new ground for cyber attacks due to which the internet companies are requesting users to take preventive measures to ensure the security of their data.

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