Amazon Great Indian Festival sale sees the biggest one-day sales ever.

Festive sales in India for e-commerce websites are one of the biggest events ever. These are the times when these e-commerce websites make the maximum profit in a year and sell the maximum amount of products. E-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have been one of the biggest players during this time, and during this season of their festive sales, Amazon has seemed to make the biggest sale ever compared to the last few years. Amazon has reportedly sold more phones on the first day of the “Great Indian Festival” opening than the entire sales last year. 

Amazon has been known to provide great deals and discounts during this time of the year, but this time they have broken all the major sales records for smartphones. One of the biggest offers from the company was on the iPhone 11, which was listed for Rs 47,999 and was one of the major parts of the sales. The best sales for the category were recorded in smartphones, large appliances, and consumer electronics. 

Apart from brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePLus, and Xiaomi were the top brands that gained maximum sales on the platform. Products like Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Cameras, Smartwatch, and a lot of other things were a part of the highest recorded sales in one day. Since the sale was opened for Prime members one day before the actual date, Amazon confirmed that more than 85% of its members subscribed for prime membership to avail of the discounts, with over 1,10,000 sellers receiving the order from Amazon.


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