Amazon India is providing discounts on Smart TVs from Xiaomi, Sony, and more of up to 60%

When it comes to Amazon India, The Great Indian sale is one of the biggest events for them. It is the time when Amazon provides some really heavy discounts to the users on purchasing the products from their website. Apart from all the products on Amazon that are on heavy discounts, Smart TVs have been one of the most popular among the list which has received up to 60% discount. In case you are planning to buy a smart TV or simply upgrading your old one, then this might be the perfect time to do that as Amazon is also offering great exchange offers apart from the discounts. 

One of the most popular and discounted offerings in the sale is a 4K smart TV from Philips, which was listed at 1,99,990, is now being offered at Rs 78,999, with a huge discount of Rs 1,20,991. Similarly, the 65-inch smart TV from LG can be purchased at Rs 1,99,999 after a discount of Rs 1,64,991. Another popular and also one of the preferred offerings by users has been the 55-inch 4K TV from Sony, which is offered for Rs 58,990, after a discount of Rs 50,910. 

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Apart from such discounts, there are a lot more offerings on the Amazon website, where the users can get more than Rs 50,000-Rs 60,000 discount on popular Smart Tv. It’s not just the premium Smart TVs but also the affordable 32-inch TV series that have been offering great discounts to the users from Rs 6,000- Rs 20,000.

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