Amazon launches a new Augmented Reality App for its cardboard boxes used for packaging.

If you have ever shopped anything from Amazon, then you must be aware of the large cardboard boxes they send as packaging. Once you get your order, you simply throw away the cardboard box, which is further recycled. Now the company has created a new augmented reality application for customers, which helps to extend the life of each box, only by a few minutes. It’s kind of fun for users as well, and can simply be downloaded through Google Play Store and App Store for iOS devices. 

The quote for this app says “introduces interactive, sharable augmented reality experiences—delivered wherever you are.” To experience it, you simply need to download and install the application on your smartphone. Once installed, point your camera towards the QR code that is printed on your box. It will trigger an AR experience on your phone and you will be able to see new things in it. Amazon will be using technology and new experience for customers to promote new things and services. 

Amazon is trying to build a customer experience through this, which will be interactive, encouraging, and great fun. You can also draw and color the images on the cardboard, which will be scanned into the AR app. For users with iPhone and TrueDepth technology support, it will be possible to track your facial movements and enable a selfie mode to bring you into the action. It is without a doubt a great way for Amazon to engage more with customers and give them a happy experience.


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