Amazon launches Blink security cameras with 4 years of battery life.

The security system and surveillance cameras have been on the rise in demand, and companies seem to improve their security products each year to make them more secure and attractive for the users. In the same effort, Amazon has launched its new Blink security cameras, which can last up to 4 years with the new battery. The new camera design has been made to even last longer than its predecessors. The company has launched two new cameras, called the Blink Indoor Wireless Security Camera and the Blink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera. 

If you want to buy these security cameras, they are available for pre-order and will start shipping on September 16. The Blink products have come a long way from 2017 when Amazon decided to purchase the startup company. Both the cameras that have been launched by Amazon have shown a lot of improvements over time and have become a great offering for people at a lower cost.

The strongest point of Blink security products has always been the lowest cost and long battery life. Although the older products do provide a year or more of battery life in one go, the battery life of four years for the product is going to be amazing and the customer will not have to think about any maintenance or battery change for years after installation. 

The indoor model with one camera kit will cost $80 to the users, while the outdoor version will cost $100. If you want to purchase the Sync Module 2 separately with the security cameras, it will cost you $70 and $90 for the outdoor model. Although you do not get any kind of cloud storage, you can purchase it through Amazon’s subscription service.


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