Amazon launches two new Car centric features for Amazon Alexa.

Amazon has recently unveiled two new car-centric features in the Alexa app which works very similar to the Android Auto Mode. The two new features are Auto Mode and Start My Commute, which is designed to work with Alexa auto accessories like the Echo Auto. Auto mode will make the phone safer to use hands-free and an easy to read layout only displaying the most critical information. Start My commute is a feature that will tell you more about the weather, traffic updates, and more while you are driving. 

When the phone is locked on the dashboard, Amazon’s Auto Mode will provide you one-touch access to frequent actions, including shortcuts to music, navigation to home or work, and make a call. Also, it will allow you to use voice commands using Alexa to do various things. Each screen will provide you quick access to the most important information. The major changes can also be seen in the communication section where you can place a call, Drop-In, or make an announcement to your Alexa devices. 

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Also, the new features would allow you to communicate with your family and friends and let them know that you are coming home, all controlled through voice commands. The paly portion will show you the most recent media and will also have a now playing screen with additional controls. Amazon thinks it’s the right time to take Android Auto while providing the users with even more features than before. If you are into the Amazon ecosystem, then you can go for Echo Auto in your car and get the most out of new car-centric features in Alexa.

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