Amazon working on a new device that will work as the control center for smart devices.

Amazon’s Echo devices have been a real hit across the world as a complete voice assistant. Now the company is planning to take it a step ahead which would make echo devices a complete command center at home. The company is working on a new echo device that would be a control center for smart home devices. The offering for this product will include a large touchscreen monitor, along with cameras and a microphone, which will not only be used to control the smart devices by also for other tasks like calendar event notification, video conferencing, playing content, etc.

The reports suggest the Amazon would be offering a 10-inch and a 13-inch screen size which will act as a control center and the complete offering could cost the consumer around $200-$250. Looking at the kind of offering Amazon will provide, if the setup is launched at the same price, it could really be a value for money offering. The setup without a doubt will come with complete Alexa integration and the addition of microphones and speakers for video calling will also make it a casual conferencing tool.

The details confirm that the new offering is still under development and it might be a while before the actual product will come into the light. However, it is expected that the product can be launched in the market by the end of the year 2022. In the meanwhile, we can expect Amazon to provide some hints in any kind of tech show that will be held in this year,


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