Amazon brings redesigned Alexa app for iPhone

Amazon has been updating the Alexa app for all platforms and adding a whole new feature lately. As per a recent leak from TechCrunch, Amazon is planning to bring a new version of the Alexa app to the iPhone, which will be specially designed to take full advantage of the unique features of the iPhone. The new Alexa app for iPhone will have more focus on personalization and native Alexa features.

The new app will remove the emphasis on third-party skills instead of focusing on how consumers are using Alexa. The new app has a redesigned home screen with the prominent Alexa button on the top. One can tap the button or say “Alexa” to activate the voice assistant. 

As per Techcrunch, the Alexa app was working as a daily dashboard in the previous version, where it focused more on assisting with things that one does in daily routine. However, the new personalized version drastically scales back the focus on Skills and acts like a “More” button. The new app has not decluttered or redesigned the Home screen completely.

However, since the Alexa button has moved up, it has added a new button in the navigation bar. The new app will also provide users with lots of tips and suggestions for use. The new app will try to become more user friendly and easy to use. The new app is now available for iPhone users and will soon be rolled out for Android and Fire OS users until August.


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