AMD and Microsoft releases update for Windows 11 performance issue in systems with AMD CPUs

At the time Windows 11 was launched for users, it did come with a lot of issues for the users. Although the operating system went through a long phase of development and testing, there were still a few issues for the users based on their system settings. One of such issues that were highlighted, was for the users that were using an AMD CPU. Systems that were based on AMD CPUs and were running Windows 11, we’re facing a lot of performance issues and degradation.

The bug was found to be affecting the L3 cache and increased the latency up to three times. Another bug that was detected was related to the “preferred core” that allows a system to use the fastest individual core in the processor. AMD has released the latest chipset driver version, which both AMD and Microsoft recommend to download and install. As per them, the update would resolve the issue for most of the users. Microsoft has also released updates and fixes which resolve bugs affecting the overall experience of the Windows 11 operating system and dedicated fix for Ryzen processors.

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The new update also brings in a lot of other resolutions like preventing the Start menu to open after the OS upgrade, and delaying the input of Bluetooth devices. If you are also facing specific issues with the AMD CPU or any other Windows 11 operating system bug, then it is recommended to download and install the latest chipset drivers from AMD and the update from Microsoft. The update seems to have resolved the issue for most of the users.

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