AMD has patented a new Chipset design for its future GPU

AMD or Advanced Micro Devices has been making quite a lot of developments in the year 2020 and now is the time for them to showcase all of it in the year 2021. The company has really set some new and high expectations in the last year and the new details coming up has risen them even higher. The company has submitted a new patent to the US Patent Office, which describes a potential GPU chipset design, on December 31, 2020. 

The manufacturer has outlined the problematic structure of such a design and explained how it would be possible to avoid them in the future. As per AMD, the problems with the new design are related to the implementation and for now, the design has been kept under the development stage. As per the details in the patent and AMD, “GPU programming model is inefficient to work with multiple GPUs (that also describes Crossfire configurations), as it is hard to distribute parallelism across multiple active dies in the system

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It is also complex and expensive design-wise to synchronize memory content across multiple GPU chipsets.” AMD also mentions that the problem can be overcome by implementing ‘high bandwidth passive crosslinks. As per them, the first GPU chipset would be direct ‘communicably coupled’ to the CPU, while the other chipsets would be coupled to the first GPU via a passive crosslink. As per the details in the patent, AMD is looking forward to designing and launching a very powerful GPU that will be breaking all the previous performance and benchmark records.

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