Android 12 Go edition revealed by Google

Android is one of the most used and also popular operating systems on smartphones around the world. However, since the operating system is not that performance-friendly on low-end smartphones, Google provided such smartphones with the Go edition of Android. Today, Google has announced and revealed the Android 12 Go Edition, which is tailored and customized for affordable and low-end devices which lack the hardware power.

As per Google, more than 200 million users around the world are using the Go edition operating system on their smartphones and the next upgrade will bring more performance, will be smarter, and also enhance the privacy for users. As per Google, the Android 12 Go edition will be 30% faster and will save a lot on battery life and storage space on the smartphone. It will continue with features like real-time translation into local languages with more upgrades and more languages.

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It will also help the users to switch between various user profiles almost immediately and it can be done directly from the lock screen. Users will also have more control over the information shared with the third-party apps. There would be many more features that the company will be talking about in the future, however, the devices with the Android 12 Go edition will only be available in the year 2022. There are many brands like Motorola, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others who have already planned the lineup of new devices next year with the Android 12 Go edition operating system.


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