Android 14’s Potential Game-Changer: App Pairs and Seamless Multitasking

Android has long allowed users to multitask by utilizing split-view features. With the development of smartphones with enormous displays, split-view has proven to be a crucial technique for maximizing screen real estate. Tablets and foldable devices, in particular, benefit immensely from this functionality, as their larger displays are ideal for running two apps simultaneously. While Google’s attempt to introduce App Pairs in Android 12 did not succeed, there are signs that this may change with the introduction of Android 14 later this year.

Mishaal Rahman, a well-known Android specialist, recently tweeted about a new launcher flag in Android 14 beta 2. When enabled, this flag may allow the “save app pair” option, which is conveniently buried within the contextual split-screen menu in the Recent Apps view. Toggling the hidden flag currently produces no tangible results, implying that the feature is still in development and unsuitable for testing. Once fully functioning, the “save app pair” option will most likely allow users to build home screen shortcuts that directly start two apps in split-screen mode.

Aside from smartphones, the app pairing functionality has excellent promise for devices such as the Pixel Fold and Tablet. Because of their large screen sizes, these devices are perfect for multitasking with many apps simultaneously.

It’s worth mentioning that Samsung already has a similar App Pair feature on its top Galaxy S and Tab smartphones, while Microsoft has a similar capability on its Surface Duo lineup. As a result, Google’s inclusion of App Pair in Android 14 would essentially bring it up to speed with a feature that Samsung has had on its phones for several years.

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