Android users can detect lost AirTags and help return them to the owner

Apple recently launched the new AirTags in Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event and provided a great way for users to track their belongings using it. Apple has made sure that the users are able to use the AirTags and find a person or things using the FindMy app on the ecosystem. However, what if one loses their Airbags. Although the AirTags has been specifically designed to work with the Apple ecosystem and devices, there is a functionality that allows it to work with Android smartphones as well. 

The company has clarified that in cases someone loses their Airbags, an Android smartphone user with the NFC feature will be able to alert the AirTag owner about it. If the AirTags are lost or are away from the user who is the owner for the same and has registered it, it will start making a sound, alerting anyone nearby. If it is found by someone using an iPhone or an Android smartphone with NFC, they can use the device to check if the Airbag has been marked lost and help it return to the rightful owner. 

So in this case, it is a really helpful feature, especially if someone loses their wallet, purse, or baggage with the AirTags. A person can simply scan it with any smartphone and return the same to the owner. Simply tapping and holding the smartphone to the white side of the tracker will provide the details on the smartphone through the notifications. It will open the details on the website, which will give the serial number of the tracker and will help to track the owner in case it is marked as lost.

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