Apple to capture 1/3 of 5G device market by 2022

After Apple launched iPhone 12 last year, they officially entered the 5G smartphone market space and now it will be carried forward to their future smartphones. Apple is already prepared to launch its new 5G smartphone on September 14, which will be iPhone 13. Although Apple has been late in entering the 5G smartphone market, it has already managed to capture around 24 percent of the total 5G smartphone market. Also, as per a report that has been recently published by Counterpoint, the company might be looking to have around 33 percent of the total 5G smartphone market by 2022. 

Therefore, the data claims that the company is going to sell a large number of 5G smartphones when compared to the competitors. The company has already planned to ship 200 million 5G devices in the Q4 of 2021 and 605 million 5 smartphones. As per the reports, there will be a significant increase in the demand for 5G enabled smartphones in the future and this is where Apple will have a lot of advantage in capturing more of the 5G market. 

Despite the lack of supply of chipset and other components, the company has been able to meet the demands on the market on a regular basis and it is what has provided the advantage to Apple in the smartphone market. With many smartphone companies providing affordable 5G smartphones, the road seems to be full of competition ahead, but Apple seems to be the clear winner in the coming days as per the predictions. 


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