Apple to check devices for content related to Child sex abuse images

Apple has always been very strict when it comes to the content, apps, and policies on the iPhone. It makes sure that the data on the phone does not hamper the security and other aspects for the users. Now the company has taken yet another step that is going to be very crucial in terms of Child abuse. They have announced the details of an entirely new system that will detect child abuse content on the device connected to iCloud. The feature will currently work in the US only, however, it will slowly be rolled out globally as well.

When an image is stored by the user manually or automatically on the iCloud, Apple will search the images for any possible match with content related to Child sexual abuse material. In case, any such content is found by the system, it will be reviewed by a human reviewer and reported to the law enforcement agency. Although this is a very good initiative, it also created a stir that it could affect the privacy of the Apple device users. Some experts also state that this could be used by the government to spy on the citizens.

Apple has confirmed that when the feature will be launched later this year, they will make sure that the feature does not intervene with users’ privacy in any way and the data is not shared by anyone. The mechanism just compares the content with the database of known child sexual abuse images compiled by the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. It also has a high level of accuracy and Apple has confirmed their long-term plans related to prohibited content on any device.


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