Apple could launch an iPhone SE Plus next year

Apple iPhone SE 3 leaks just do not seem to stop from appearing on the internet. Apparently, more and more details of the smartphone are being leaked on the internet. A few days back, news came in that the new iPhone SE 3 will look more like the iPhone XR and will have the same kind of display with a notch on the top. Due to this, it was almost confirmed that Apple is done with thick bezels on the iPhone SE and we will see a design change this time as well.

Apart from these details, a new report has arrived on the internet which claims that the company is planning to launch multiple variants of the iPhone SE 3 next year. The phone is expected to come with an LCD display and 5G support. The phone will also come in multiple variants, with one being named as iPhone SE Plus. As per the details, the iPhone SE 2022 will have the same display size as that of the iPhone 8, which will be a good upgrade in terms of screen size.

Apart from this, the phone will come with an LCD screen which could be anywhere between the size of 5.7-inch or 6.1-inch. If the company plans to launch the iPhone SE Plus variant, then it could possibly mean that it will have a better camera unit and a bigger screen size as well. However, these are just speculation at the moment, but the original iPhone SE is surely going to bring some great upgrades.

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