Apple discontinues the Apple TV Remote app on the App Store

Earlier, Apple provided the Apple streaming device users with the Apple TV Remote app on the App Store, which was used to control all the features of its streaming devices right from the smartphone. However, with the new range of devices, the company is already offering a smart remote integration with updated iOS devices, due to which the company has decided to remove the app.

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Since Apple has integrated the Apple TV Remote functionality into Control Center on iOS starting from iOS 12 onwards, it will be much easier for users to control the devices using their smartphone and iPads directly, without the need for an app. The only condition is that you need to be on the latest OS as per the company. It’s not just the removal of the app, it might also be possible that the company has discontinued the application altogether. 

The users who already have the app on the smartphone will no longer get any kind of updates from Apple. Also, the app did not make any more sense as Apple devices with iOS 12 can already control the devices without the app. If you are on the latest version of iOS, Apple TV Remote will be automatically integrated into Control Center to use with your Apple TV or Apple TV 4K. On the older version of the iOS, which is up to iOS 12, one has to integrate remote will have to be added to the Control Center manually. If you have the app, then you can continue to use it for your devices.


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