Apple ECG feature in Apple watch saves the life of a person in India.

Apple is very proud of its ECG feature which is a part of its Apple Watch. This feature was designed to help the patient detect any unusual activity of their heart and immediately take appropriate action. The electrocardiogram (ECG) feature in Apple Watch seems to have saved the life of a 61-year old person in India. The person named R Rajhans is a retired pharma professional, who started feeling unwell in March 2020. At the same time, he decided to check the ECG feature in Apple Watch 5, which was gifted to him by his son. 

The son said that his father received a few modifications in the watch for arrhythmia signals or irregular heartbeats in the middle of the night. The results were shared with the doctor, where it was found that he suffered from a low ejection fraction and required immediate heart surgery to replace his Mitral Valve. Although the surgery was delayed due to pandemic, Mr. R Rajhans, kept checking this EC in Apple Watch during that time. He said that “Apple Watch helped detect the irregular heart rhythm prior to the Valve failure Echo-cardiograph.” 

As per the statement from his son “The idea of having a device like Apple Watch is to strike a balance between using tech and medical awareness in order to take charge of our parent’s lives. It saved my dad’s life. It’s a life-changing product,” The patient has also received a personal message from CEO, Tim Cook and it seems like Apple revolutionary technology can also detect AFib, which is one of the leading conditions that can result in a stroke.


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