Apple Fitness+ will be available from December 14, but the ideal setup cost can leave your pocket empty

Apple announced their new Apple’s Fitness+ streaming service a while back and ever since the announcement, people were excited to know how it will work and what will be the overall cost included. The company has made the announcement about the availability of the service which will be starting from December 14. Apple’s Fitness+ streaming service will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. The streaming service has been specifically designed and created with tons of workouts, that are based on the different skill levels and can be done through the comfort of your home. 

However, the workouts will work best only if you have an ecosphere of Apple devices with you. For example, having an iPhone would be great, but the workouts will not be effective unless you have the Apple watch. Therefore, you will need an Apple TV, the subscription of the streaming service, an iPhone or iPad, and an Apple Watch, which seems to be too much investment for a fitness workout service. The $9.99 per month subscription can be shared with 6 family members at one time, however, the total cost of the Fitness setup, adds a lot of pressure on one’s pocket. 

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Since you require the Apple watch to measure the metrics and an iPhone to use the Apple Watch, the cost is already more. Also, one can add an Apple Music subscription for guided workout sessions using the specific playlist. You would also need to have a lot of weights and other gym equipment. Therefore, the total cost of an ideal Fitness workout setup could cost a user more than $1000.


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