Apple to invest more in Mini-LED as it will be a part of their product line-up in the future.

Some new details about Apple have revealed that the tech giant could be reportedly investing $330 million in a Taiwan based company that specializes in micro-LED. This information was fueled by the statement given by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, where he claimed that Apple will be boosting the adoption of mini-LED technology due to increased competition among suppliers for mini-LED chips. Previously, it was believed that Epistar was going to be an exclusive supplier for mini-LED chips to Apple in 2022, but the recent developments have made it clear that it will supply Apple with the mini LEDs starting next year. 

Micro-Led has many advantages over the normal LED screen, as it is much thinner and consumes even less power. The Micro-LED has a faster update rate and a wider viewing angle as well. The adoption of this will drop the cost of Apple products anywhere from $30-$40. It is also expected that in the near future Apple will adopt the technology to most of its product lineups such as Macbooks, iPhones, and iPads. Apple in the past was also granted a patent for a fitness bank with Micro-Led. 

However, there is currently no status on the development of the product. If that comes out this year, then it will be the first fitness band and Micro-led product from Apple. It is also expected that the next-generation Apple Watch 7 could use these Micro-Led’s to increase the battery life and consume less power. It seems like investing $330 million would turn out to be a great investment for Apple in the near future.

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