Apple launches Airtags at just $29

Apple launched multiple products a few hours back in their online digital event and one of them was the Airtags. Airtags was in the works for more than a year now and Apple has finally launched them in the market. There were a lot of rumors and speculation around that product and it was not sure that Apple would be launching them at this time. Similar products are also in development by Samsung and Xiaomi at the same time, which could be launched anytime this year. 

The Apple Airtags are small devices, shaped like a coin, that can be attached to your keys, wallet, smartphone, or any other belonging, to track them in case they get misplaced. Using the Airtags, you can track the items through the Find My app on your Apple device. The design of the Airtags is very similar to the Samsung SmartTags and has almost similar features as well. The Airtags has a built-in speaker, accelerometer, Bluetooth, and a battery which can be replaced easily and will easily last for a year. 

Apple has also introduced a keychain and leather pouch, that can be used to carry them. Using these AirTags will not harm your data privacy as Apple has made it clear in the event that it will not store the location or historical data of the user in the device and will have end-to-end encryption between it and the app. It starts from just $29 for a single Airtags and a $99 price tag for a combo of four Airtags. 

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