Apple launches a polishing cloth for Rs 1,900, gets trolled on Twitter and other social platforms with memes

Apple is known for providing the best quality device and also the most expensive ones. Their top-of-the-line products are expensive and are some of the most premium devices in their segment. Due to this, users have been appreciating the premium quality of their devices, but have also been criticizing them for the high price tag that comes along with them. There have often been memes and other posts on social media that humor the high price tag of Apple. However, this time, Apple has made an all-new high by launching a polishing cloth for Apple devices, which cost around Rs 1,900.

As soon as it was out, people started making comments and memes on Twitter and other social media platforms. The polishing cloth was launched by Apple on Monday, which came to users as a surprise, as they did not expect a tech company to launch such products. But what surprised them more was the cost associated with it. It is available currently on the Apple India website for Rs 1,900 and can also be purchased at an EMI of Rs 224.

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As per the company, the polishing cloth will work with devices as far back as iPhone 6. It has been made from a non-abrasive material and is in short supply with shipping between 3-4 weeks. Memes are being circulated on the internet that Apple might think of launching a new polishing cloth Pro Max at even a higher price tag. Be it memes, or appreciation for quality, Apple has been able to grow even with the higher price tag of their devices and would be interesting to see if they are going to launch any other such product in the future.

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