Apple could be launching Airtags in the month of March this year.

Apple can soon be releasing their new product in the month of March which is the Apple AirTags. As per the details leaked by Jon Prosser, Apple is all set to release the AirTags in March and it is almost confirmed as of now. The Apple AirTags details were first leaked in the month of August last year when they filed a patent for the technology that they have been using to create it. The device will be a tracking device and will allow the users to pair it with a smartphone or tablet. Apple had placed an emphasis on the functionality of the multi-interface transponder (MIT) device in the patent. 

In terms of hardware, it is expected to have a simple processor, light and motion sensors, radio stack, and power core. It can also be attached to the wallet, keys, and other kinds of ids. The device can be used to track devices and even people. One can use it to track down important belongings or even smartphones when paired with an iPad or iPhone. The device will communicate with other devices nearby and enable, “intelligently boosting beacon transmission depending on determined location and proximity to nearby devices.” 

Something very similar was also in the news by Samsung last month which has been named as SmartTag and SmartTag+. It would be a Bluetooth-LE tracker that can be used to find the lost objects. The price of the device by Samsung is expected to be $29, but there is no confirmation on the expected price from Apple for AirTags.

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