Apple might launch new glasses in 2022 with both AR and VR capabilities

The market for VR and AR glasses has just started to open up in a way that more and more major companies are planning to launch products in this segment next year. One of those companies will be Apple, which is planning to launch Apple Glasses which will have both AR and VR capabilities. The information was provided by Bloomberg, which reports that Apple is planning to launch the device next year with advanced chipsets and displays. It is not yet confirmed if the glasses or headset will be used for only gaming or another task as well. 

However, the mixed reality device can be great when it comes to running high-quality virtual gaming. Since it will have both AR and VR capabilities, gaming in both environments will be supported. Also, it would also help in running high-performance games with requirements for higher graphics. Apple has been working on the devices for many years now but has never confirmed the launch of the device. 

However, it seems like Apple is going to make use of in-house chipsets developed by themselves and will finally launch the next generation VR and AR devices in the market. As expected, the device will cost a lot since it will be equipped with a premium chipset and many other features from Apple. If Apple does launch the device, then we can also expect new launches and other things in Apple Arcade as well which is currently not up to the mark in regards to its competition like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

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