Apple launches the new iMac with M1 chipset and various color option

Apple held a major launch event a few hours back where they launched a lot of new products and successors to Apple devices. One of the major highlights of the launch was the use of the Apple M1 silicon chipset in multiple devices by Apple. It has not only increased the performance of the Apple devices but has improved them by a very big margin when compared to their devices powered by the Intel processors. 

One of the major launches in the digital event was the new iMac, which has been made with a new design adopted from iPhone 12. It now comes with the latest M1 processor from Apple, a razor-sharp profile, and most importantly multiple dynamic colors. The iMac now comes in a new 24-inch screen size, which is 50% sleeker than the last generation. The screen supports 11.3 million colors and a 4.5k retina display. It also features a completely new six-speaker setup with Dolby Atmos, along with a new mic and camera module with 1080p HD clarity. 

It also has 4 USB C ports and two thunderbolt ports for faster connectivity. The power cable is now magnetic and the power adapter now has an ethernet port as well to remove the wire cluster. The new iMac comes in multiple colors like green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver. The setup also comes with a color matching keyboard, mouse, and mouse pad. The keyboard has three variants where one of which also includes a Touch Id sensor for increased security and one with a separate numeric key. The price of the new iMac starts from 1,19,900 in India and will go up to Rs 1,59,900 depending on the variant.

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