Apple orders over 100 million A15 Bionic chipsets from TSMC

iPhone 13 will be launched this year and the company is already making preparations to increase the production of the smartphone. Apple is already expecting the sales of the iPhone 13 to increase beyond that of the iPhone 12. It is why the company has placed an order of more than 100 million A15 Bionic chips with TSMC. The A15 Bionic chipset will be the one that will power the new iPhone 13 and the order seems to be a way to make sure that there are no shortcomings of the component in the future and the demand of the new iPhone can be easily met. 

The company is expecting to see a very high increase in the demand for the new iPhone by the end of this year. It is one of the major reasons why the company has also increased the production of the iPhone 12 by over 20%. Also, the order of 100 million A15 bionic chipsets might not only be for the new iPhone 13. It can also be for other products that will be launched in the future, with the same chipset in use. 

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Also, the company will try to keep an extra stock of the chipset to make sure that the component does not go into shortage in the future. It has also been suspected that the A15 Bionic chipset will also be powering the new iPhone SE 3 that will be launched next year, including the iPad Mini 6. The new chipset is based on 5nm architecture and has the same core configuration as the A14 chipset.

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