Apple providing an additional two years of free service for earpiece issues on iPhone 12

iPhone 12 is the latest flagship from Apple that is currently being sold in the market. Many iPhone 12 customers across the world were facing issues with the receiver of the phone where they were unable to list the voice of the other person clearly. The issue has been acknowledged by the company and has promised the customers that apart from getting a free service within the first year for the fault, they would also be offering additional two years of free service for all iPhone 12 owners who will be facing issues with the receivers.

The additional two years coverage starts from the first retail sale of the unit. The complaint was reported from iPhone 12 users globally which made Apple come up to this decision. So if you own an iPhone 12 and get a similar issue with the smartphone later, you will be able to get it resolved free of cost. Apple has not made the data public as to how many users across the world have been affected by the issue. In order to get the free service, the only eligibility is that the iPhone 12 should have been manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021.

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Also, the company has made clear that in cases where the screen of the iPhone is damaged, and the receiver also needs to be replaced, in such cases the customer will have to pay for the damaged screen. If you are facing the same issues, it will be the best time to get it resolved for absolutely no charge.


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