Researchers suggest Apple to remove Facebook from iOS as it is still tracking user location through an accelerometer

When it comes to Facebook, it is one of the most used social media platforms across the globe, however, in recent times it has been facing a lot of criticism due to lack of moderation on content and other issues. Now it seems that even researchers do not recommend Facebook to be installed on Smartphones. Apple has recently been warned by security researchers about Facebook and has asked them to remove it from their iOS platform. As per them, even when Apple has added a new feature where users can opt-out of third-party apps tracking, Facebook is still collecting location data from pictures and IP addresses. 

Facebook has also accepted that they have been collecting the data in this way, but have not explained as to why they are doing so when the users have opted out. As per researchers, Facebook is also using the accelerometer on the iPhone to track the movements of the user and detect behavior during a specific time of the day. It can also detect whether the user is sitting, in motion, or even when they are walking while using the app. As per the report, there is no way through which it can be disabled on the iPhone, and a similar method is also used by other apps from Facebook which are Instagram and WhatsApp. 

Facebook did accept that they are using the accelerometer in the iPhone but only for 360-degree photos or for the camera. The only way to disable it is by uninstalling the Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp applications on the iPhone. Also, mining data in such a way is against the privacy and security measures Apple has added for the users. Therefore, researchers have suggested Apple remove Facebook and associated apps from the iOS.

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