Apple to roll out iOS 15 and iPADOS 15 update today for global users

Apple is finally rolling out the next big iOS update from today onwards. The latest version of Apple’s operating system, which is iPadOS 15 and iOS 15, will be rolled out globally today. The company launched their new series of iPhone 13 and a new range of iPads in the market on September 14, and now they have released the new operating system update for them as well. The iOS 15 will bring several new features to the iPhone and iPad. 

One of the major updates that Apple will bring along is the security and privacy feature for data protection, regarding which, the companies like Facebook have already shown their dissatisfaction as it will affect their ad policies. Apart from this, the new update will also allow the iOS 15 device to make direct Facetime calls to Android smartphones. Earlier, the users could have done it only on an iPhone to iPhone, but now the feature will also be available for calling the Android smartphone users. 

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Apart from this, the operating system update will also add a lot of new features in the Safari browser, Photos app, and re-designed notifications system. There are also some minor updates regarding the performance of the smartphones and resolution for minor bugs. Although the major update is still regarding security and privacy, which will change the way apps track and use the data of smartphone users to optimize ads on their smartphones. This feature was added to iOS from iOS 14 onwards and will be made much better in iOS 15.

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