Apple going after tipsters in China who have stolen iPhone prototype

Whenever there is a new Apple device that is supposed to launch in the future, we get a lot of leaks and details of the product online. One of the common scenarios happens with the iPhone range, leaks and images for which are always available before the launch. Although these are not provided by Apple in any way, Apple has never focused on such news before the launch. However, the company does realize that the products made in China are subject to leaks before the official announcement, and it has also happened on several occasions.  

Most of these rumors and images came through the microblogging website Weibo in China. This time, Apple seems to be upset about the same and is keen on finding the source of the leaks. The company has recently sent a cease and desist letter to a Chinese citizen who has posted details about stolen iPhone prototypes. This is one of the ways through which Apple will be going after the resellers who acquire stolen Apple hardware from factories in China. These are further sold to hackers and other people who try to find out the flaws of the device and exploit it. 

The letter sent from Apple states that the person should immediately stop providing all the details about the device online and let Apple know about the people who have similar stolen components. It seems that Apple has been strictly trying this time to remove all the content related to their device online, especially the iPhone which is one of their most popular devices.


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