Apple to remove thousands of video game app from the Chinese App Store due to stringent internet laws

When it comes to the App Store in China, Apple has been facing a lot of issues such as Antitrust issues, issues with the content of the App, and the conflicting authority of the Chinese government over the App Store. While it has led to a lot of problems for the app developers, it seems that there is not going to be an end to it soon. Apple has reportedly removed or will be removing more than thousands of video game apps from the App Store in China. 

As per the details provided by The Wall Street Journal, the video games are facing removal as Beijing tightens control of the Internet. Apple has sent a memo to all the premium games and games with in-app purchase options, “would have until the end of the year to provide proof of government license or the app would be removed.” Apple has already removed thousands of similar apps from the Chinese online store, including a count of at least 94,000 games. It is said that the Chinese government is doing so to remove any kind of loopholes that Apple has been using in the previous years. 

As per the Chinese government, they are removing all the apps which have illegal activity, including obscenity, pornography, prostitution, violence, fraud, or gambling. However, the government has also removed the globally known app Tripadvisor from the same without any strong reasons. It seems that Apple will have to follow all the regulations on this one, as China is one of its biggest app markets in the world.


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