Apple to roll out app privacy update from Monday

When it comes to iOS 14, it has brought in some very interesting features for the iPhone users which have focused mostly on users’ privacy and how they can control the details that apps and advertisers access from them. After the same was announced by Apple, there has been a severe disagreement from companies like Facebook and others who have been running targeted ads on the user’s smartphone. There was a lot of discussion on the same and Facebook also mentioned that the feature will harm the advertising world badly. 

However, it seems like it has not changed the way Apple was going to go forward with the new privacy feature and now they are finally going to launch it for users on Monday. Now, as per the change in the privacy policy, the app makers will have to let the users know what kind of tracking information they want and what permissions they would require to do so. It has been termed by Apple as “Privacy nutrition labels”. Google and Facebook will be the most affected companies after the change in policies as it is one of their major business branches. After the new update on the iPhone, the user will have the ability to know about every detail app makers are tracking and whether to allow them or not. 

If not allowed, the advertisers will not be able to track any user’s detail for targeted advertising. Facebook claims that Apple is doing so to remove any kind of competition on the iOS platform and App Store. At the same time, they also claim that it will only affect third-party companies while Apple will still be able to show relevant ads to iPhone users. Similarly, many companies are also supporting the new changes as a part of Apple’s transparency with the customers.


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