Apple TV Multiview: A New Way to Stream Live Sports

For a few years, Apple’s systems have had the Picture-In function. Users can utilize this feature to view a movie in a floating window while surfing the rest of the OS. On the other hand, Apple wants to take this capability to the next level, particularly for live sports events through the Apple TV app.

Steve Moser has discovered code references to a new “Multiview” experience in the iOS 16.5 betas. This new feature will allow up to four streams to be streamed simultaneously. The MLS Season Pass and MLB Friday Night Baseball are already live streams on the Apple TV app. In the future, Apple will also negotiate other sports streaming arrangements.

Apple intends to deliver a quad-box PIP streaming experience for its sports streaming service, comparable to third-party apps like ESPN and FuboTV on tvOS. The iOS core has long-held references to a TV app multiview capability. Yet, the most recent beta has many more considerations, indicating that development is progressing.

The TV app multiview feature is not a system-wide video player capability but a TV app function. It is now limited to sports, with users able to start viewing the broadcast in full screen or Multiview mode when browsing sports in the TV app. The new strings correspond to a grid layout, and if the user attempts to add a fifth game to the grid, an error message will appear, indicating that the feature will handle up to four concurrent streams.

It will be available after the iOS 17 software release cycle concludes.


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