Apple might include USB-C charging port for iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has always tried to be unique with its products so that they could stand out from the others. One of such aspects for Apple is its chargers and charging ports. Currently, Apple uses a lightning port on their iPhones for fast charging. However, it might change very soon and the company can be using USB-C ports. It has been rumored that the iPhone 14 Pro smartphone might come with a USB-C port for fast charging.

One of the major reasons to do so is the new laws in the European Union, which ask companies to use USB-C ports for charging on their smartphones. Any company not providing USB-C slots for charging might have to take on a heavy penalty. Another reason is that it will help the company in reducing electronic waste and can also reduce the cost in certain aspects. It is expected that only the Pro variant will get a USB-C charging port for now, but it will be standard in all future variants of iPhone from 2023.

It would not only benefit the company, but also the consumers, as most Android smartphones currently use USB-C ports and chargers, and the same will now also work for iPhones. Lastly, it has been a long time since the company has increased the speed of its fast charging technology. Using the USB-C port would allow them to enhance their fast charging technology even further and they could develop which are almost double that of the predecessor. We can expect the company to reveal more information about this in the coming days.


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