Apple to use titanium frames for iPhone 14 and more

iPhone 13 is making a lot of news in the market much before its launch and now news of iPhone 14 has also started coming in. According to the report, one of the biggest changes that will appear in the iPhone 14 series in 2022 will be the Titanium body. As per the details, Foxconn will be the exclusive manufacturer for Apple who will be making Titanium frames for iPhone 14. For now, Apple is using aluminum and stainless steel frames in the iPhone and the same titanium frames are being used for Apple Watch 6 series and Apple Cards. 

However, when compared, titanium seems to be much stronger and is more resistant to damage, scratches, and bending. It is one of the major reasons why the company would be moving to titanium frames. It will make the iPhones much lighter and resistant to damages and corrosion. There have also been patents from Apple in recent times, which hints towards an oxide coating that will also make titanium resistant to any kind of fingerprints and dust is settled on the phone. 

The patent also outlines the blasting, etching, and chemical process through which a more attractive finish can be given to the device. It has also been reported that Apple might discontinue the mini version of the iPhone in the year 2022 with the iPhone 14. All of these details are still not confirmed by Apple in any way, but it is almost certain that the company will be moving to titanium frames in the future.


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