Apple Watch 7 production can get delayed due to design and component issue

A lot of new leaks have already started appearing for the Apple Watch 7 which shows a flatter design and a few minor design changes. It was expected that the new Apple Watch 7 could come anytime this year. However, it seems like that is certainly going to be delayed due to its new design elements, which has been reported by Nikkei. Apple recently started a small-scale production for the new smartphone, but the production unit faced a lot of difficulties in reaching satisfactory performance. 

The issue is said to be because of the new design of the Apple watch. Apple is now trying to discuss the same with the designers and suppliers before starting the mass production. However, it might take some time before the issue is completely resolved and that would lead to a delay in the launch of the new Apple Watch. The watch was earlier reported to launch alongside the new iPhone 13 lineup, but the new issues might affect the production and sales of the watch as well. 

Therefore, we expect Apple to have a separate virtual event for the same where they will be launching the new generation Apple Watch. Apple is already facing a lot of tough competition in the smartwatch category due to the increased number of competitors, especially from China. Such issues are further going to affect the market share of Apple in the segment. For now, Apple has not confirmed anything about the launch or other details of the new Apple watch, but we do expect some new leaks regarding the same in the future.


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