Apple Watch’s NightWare app can help treat PTSD-related nightmares, gets FDA approval.

After the release of the Apple Watch 6, one thing was clear that Apple is trying to add new features to its watch which are unique and make the device a better healthcare gadget. One such feature in the Apple Watch 6 is what helps to deal with nightmare-related sleep issues. The FDA has given a green signal for the sale of NightWare, an Apple Watch app that comes with a corresponding iPhone element and can help treat nightmares stemming from psychological disorders like PTSD. 

The app uses motion sensors and heart rate data to detect if you are having nightmares and makes the Apple Watch vibrate in response to interrupt the dream, but not wake you up. The app will be based on prescription-only use and the company has already made it clear that it is not a standalone treatment for PTSD. Apple has also made it clear that this app can only be used when prescribed by the doctor and should not be used as therapy if users act out due to a nightmare in sleep. 

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The NightWare app page is also looking for volunteers to be a part of the test to make the app better, which is selected based on the surveys filled by them. FDA has already stated that there is no guarantee that the app will work however, it could further improve the sleep quality of the users. The app does make a new direction to improve on and can be used by more people in the future for therapy.

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