ASA bans misleading gameplay ads from Homescapes and Gardenscapes.

If you have been playing games on the smartphone and have seen ads for games like Gardenscapes, you must have realized that the gameplay shown in the ad is not what you get in the game. Especially if you have played the game called Gardenscapes and Homescapes, then you would be the first one to know that. Since these ads did not represent the actual gameplay and were giving wrong details about the game simply to attract the users, the Advertising Standards Agency has banned both these apps through Facebook ads. 

With the images and representation in the ads, you would always see a message that “Not all images represent actual gameplay.”. However, specifically, in this case, the ads were a complete misinterpretation of the gameplay. As per the reports from ASA, they received seven user complaints about the misleading ads. Playrix states that these features are available in the games as mini-games. But the people who have been playing these games, already know that it is not the truth. As per Playrix, only 0.03% reach the level of the game, where they will be able to play such mini-games. 

As per the app developer, these features were added in the game so that they could convey the different elements that are part of the game and provide a whole lot of variety to the users. However, if the feature is only available to 0.03% of the gamers, then it does not represent anything that the new users or users at the early stages will experience. Due to this, the developer has now changed the ad content based on the early levels of gameplay.

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