More than 88% of banned apps by Google and Apple were targeting children below 12 years of age

Spam apps have increased by multiple folds over the last couple of years, due to which companies like Apple and Google have to be very strict with their app store policies. Recently, a report “H1 2021 Delisted Mobile Apps Report ” given Pixalate shares provides some really crucial points about what kind of apps were banned and what kind of users they have been aiming at. As per the report, more than 5 million apps were analyzed by both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with more than 21 million reviews on them as well.

Therefore, although millions of apps have been banned already from these app stores, they are still on the user’s phone. It is why it creates a high risk of privacy and consumer safety. Now the major point of concern in this is that from all the apps that were removed from both the app stores 86 to 89% of the apps were aimed at children under the age of 12 years. Also, many of such apps did not have any kind of privacy policy as well. What this concludes is that the more children are getting addicted to smartphones and technology around us, it becomes easier for hackers and other spammers to attack them through the apps.

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It also raises a question on whether the small children should be exposed to such technology or should they be informed and educated about the same. The reports also say that more than 60% of the apps removed in China did not have any privacy policy and 66% of the removed apps requested dangerous permission. Therefore, it seems to be high time to know what kind of apps and content your children are accessing through their smartphones and other devices.

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