Battlegrounds Mobile India fixes data sharing to Chinese server issues through an update

A few days back it was found that the new version of PUBG just released in India with the name Battlegrounds mobile India was still sharing the game data through Chinese servers. The information spread like fire and there were rumors that they could again face a backlash from the Indian government as it was one of the major reasons why PUBG was banned before. However, it seems that Battlegrounds Mobile India has recently received an update through which the sharing of user data to China has been fixed. 

The fix was released after a probe in this matter was requested by Meenakshi Lekhi, who is the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on the Data Protection Bill. The details of data being shared with the Chinese servers have been confirmed by IGN India, after which Krafton took almost no time in fixing the issue. Not only this, Krafton has openly tweeted from the official Battleground Mobile India account confirming that they have not shared any details with the Chinese servers which they were not allowed to and only data which users have given access to by accepting the data privacy policy of the game has been shared. 

However, it does seem like the issue has brought the game into the spotlight once more. It also seems that the government agencies will keep a track of the game and the data sent to servers outside of India. There was also news that the issue happened due to the migration of data from PUBG mobile India to Battlegrounds mobile India. No matter the issue, Krafton will be taking a lot of extra care this time to avoid any issues in the future.

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