BlackBerry coming with a new 5G smartphone next year, claimed as the most secure phone ever.

BlackBerry was one of the most sought after phones by professionals at one time. Be it checking emails, using the qwerty keyboard, or using their special messaging app, Blackberry was a brand of premium and professional smartphones. However, with the coming of Android and iOS, the brand seems to have lost its touch. However, the company tries to come back to the smartphone market with its new innovative smartphones which are more focused on the security of users’ data. Following the same direction, the company is yet again working on a new phone which will be entirely focused on security. 

As per the officials, it will be the most secure phone yet at the time of release. The rumors have already been strong in the market regarding the new Blackberry device, the company might launch next year. This time the phone will be made by US-based security startup OnwardMobility. Previous to that TCL used to make Blackberry phones, which stopped after the contract between them ended earlier this year. The company has also confirmed that the new smartphones will be 5G compatible and will provide unique security features. The company believes that the times of pandemic have shifted the focus of the smartphone industry more towards data and security. 

With so many security breaches happening recently with some of the major companies, it is very important that smartphones remain one step ahead in terms of security. It is why OnwardMobility is excited to bring out the next generation of Blackberry smartphones. The launch would probably be not global and the US and Europe will be the first to get the launch of their device.


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