Carl Pei officially announces his parting from OnePlus.

Recently, the Co-Counter of OnePlus Carl Pei has left the company to work on a different startup or venture. However, the news was never made official by OnePlus nor Carl Pei. Also, the reason behind leaving the company was never confirmed by him. However, recently, he has posted a comment in OnePlus community forums stating that “After nearly 7 years at OnePlus, I’ve made the difficult decision to say goodbye.” The official declaration has come days after the news leaked in the market and was surfaced on all social media platforms. 

He also wrote that “I am eternally grateful to Pete for taking a chance in this kid without a college degree, with nothing to his name but a dream. The trust, mentorship, and camaraderie will never be forgotten. Thanks for the opportunity of a lifetime.“” There is no official confirmation as to why he left OnePlus and what was the reason behind it. He has not mentioned anything about a new venture or project like the speculation. 

He mentioned that “I’m looking forward to taking some time off to decompress and catch up with my family and friends. And then follow my heart on to what’s next.” OnePlus has been growing at an astounding rate and there has been a major contribution in it by Carl Pei. However, his sudden departure from the company and OnePlus not even giving him a proper farewell raises a lot of questions as to what has actually happened due to which he had to leave the company he co-founded.

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