Chromebook Owners now get three free months of Stadia Pro

Google has been promoting its Chromebooks by adding a lot of new features and offers for increased sales. Recently, Google made its intentions clear that they will be creating an ecosphere with Chromebooks and Android devices, which will be very similar to what people use in Apple. With many features to be expected from Chromebooks, Google has made a new announcement that would help increase Chromebooks sales.

Google is now offering three free months of Stadia Pro subscription, their online gaming platform, which can provide you with graphics similar to what you experience with a game on your local hard drive. Google has also offered a free year of 100GB Dropbox storage to the new Chromebook users.

There seem to be a lot of offers that will be coming with Chromebook to increase its sales. After the user uses the three free months of Stadia Pro, the subscription will cost them $9.99 per month. Also, you can cancel the subscription if you do not want to pay for it. However, since Stadia is a revolutionary and a new concept of online gaming by Google, getting your hands on would be a great experience.

The deal is only acceptable if you purchase a Chromebook that has been released after June 2017, and you have to live in an area where Stadia is available. A similar offer was also released by Google, where Pixelbook, Pixelbook Go, or Pixel Slate were merged with Stadia deals. These offers from Google are sure to attract new customers as it has increased the sales of a Chromebook in the past.

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