Data of over 3 million users leaked on CoinMarketCap

When it comes to online investment, cryptocurrency might be one of the most sought-after nowadays. It is why millions of users worldwide visit various sites to trade on cryptocurrency and also check the existing value. One such platform is CoinMarketCap (CMC), where users from India, China, Japan, and other countries track the value of this investment type. As per recent news, the data of over three million CoinMarketCap users have been leaked earlier this month. Currently, the cyberattacks on cryptocurrency have been on a rise in the last couple of years since countries have been trying to legalize cryptocurrency investment.

Due to the increased number of cryptocurrency investments and users, the data attacks on the same have also increased by many folds. As per the data that has been reported, data of 3,117,548 users have been leaked from the platform and uploaded on hacking forums on October 12. This data is currently being traded by hackers for digital payments. As per CoinMarketCap, the password for leaked accounts is still secure and the leak has not occurred on their servers. The leaked data majorly includes just the email address of the users and not the associated password.

They have also confirmed that they are currently investigating the issue but they have not found any evidence that the leak had happened through their servers. However, this also sparked a controversy among the users that if the data was not breached on their servers, where else was the data saved. The attacks on cryptocurrency have increased over the years in spite of companies taking strict action and precautions. Reports also claim that these attacks are growing at a rate of 41% every year.


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