Data worth 20GB from Intel has been hacked

Intel is one of the biggest names in the tech world and is also one of the best chipset manufacturers globally. Recently an anonymous hacker has claimed on Twitter and Telegram that they have hacked around 20GB of confidential files. The hacker also claims of intellectual property of Intel being leaked online. The details of this hack were also described on the website Tom’s hardware. The hacker shared the link in Telegram and later Twitter, with a folder of 20GB in size.

It included all the files he had stolen from Intel earlier this year. Inside the folder, it leads to another folder name “Intel exconfidential Lake Platform Release“. As per sources, Intel is already into the matter and they have found out that the details were leaked from Intel Resource and Design Center, which has information that can be used by customers, partners, and other third parties.

The information that has been leaked is only available to the registered users and as per the company, it seems that an individual copied the content and shared it on Telegram and Twitter. As per the hacker, it is not the only data he has right now. He has a lot more data with him and he is soon going to post all the data on the internet. As per him, all the information is private and confidential to the Non-Confidential Disclosure Agreement by Intel.

The full list of available documents in the folder was provided by Tom’s Hardware on their website. The data they have, include various Intel development and debugging tools, various roadmaps, binaries for camera drivers Intel made for Elon Musk’s Space X, and more


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