New design changes coming to the next generation of Apple’s MacBook

Apple has been making quite a lot of changes to the Macbook lineup recently, One of the major upgrades for the device was the M1 chipset which provided the laptops higher performance compared to Intel Chipset. As per the latest news and reports the upcoming 2021 MacBook Air and 13” MacBook Pro will debut with mini LED displays and M1 chipsets and 14” and 16” MacBook Pros will bring major redesigns. It has been confirmed that the top-end models will have a square cut design on the top and bottom halves and will bring back the MagSafe charging connectors as well which was a part of the lineup till 2017. 

Another major change that has been reported is the optional OLED Touch Bar, which will finally be removed from the new Macbooks and will have physical function keys instead. There are no details as to why the new Macbooks are changing to physical buttons as there were no user complaints and performance issues with it. Another change that the users will notice is the wider port selection option, which is great news for people who did not like to carry port connectors and dongles along with their Macbooks. 

The company has already confirmed that they will be using the mini LED displays in the new device and would be a lot more effective on battery life as well. The thermal mechanics will remain the same for all the variants and all will be powered using the ARM processors from Apple.


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